leaning in vs. portaging life’s rapids

I don’t know when I started to let fear win, but it’s safe to say for the last several years I have grown to fear what I don’t understand.  I’ve found myself sitting on the sidelines watching life happen and feeling overwhelmed by circumstances out of my control. Somewhere in the past I remember loving the spotlight and being the center of attention but then life happened and I can rise to the occasion when I need to but I find myself exhausted in the aftermath. This humble space to gather my thoughts is an attempt to turn the tide. About three and a half months ago I had to dig in really deep and choose to keep going when another wave promised to swallow me.

This is about leaning in versus portaging life.

This is about honoring the strength and the fight.  There will be grammar and punctuation errors.  There will be raw moments.  And I will be better for writing it out.

I’ll unpack this metaphor in the days to come.

But today I needed to start. And so I did.

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